Legend has it that Bathsheba, who was the wife of King David, had a custom of bathing in milk to keep her skin beautiful & soft. Historians, biologists & the Myth Busters have all proven this to be nothing more than a self created mythos by the fair lady. However, the Legend of Bathsheba Barbados with it's surf covered waters & sands rich in minerals are the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth.


It is breathtakingly beautiful; wide white sandy beaches stretch along a dramatic coastline of striking rock formations against which the Atlantic rollers break in cascades of foam. What at first glance appears to be huge boulders washed up on the beach are actually rock formations broken away from ancient coral reef! This Cost has been wonderfully shaped & preserved by nature for all to enjoy. If you're not patricianly interested in rock formations & you're the type that enjoys rush of adrenaline, then you'll absolutely love the 'Soup Bowl.' For this is the name given the the most popular spot for surfing in Barbados.


The village of Bathsheba is also home to a small community of fishing folk & their families. Along the coast are guest houses, local rum shops & neat little restaurants. It is a hideaway for discerning travellers & for Bajans who frequently weekend here in their seaside cottages along the shore. There's really no other place on the island quite like it!