Crop Over 2019

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Mega monday…

The 300 year old world famous Crop Over Festival in Barbados is held every year from the 4th of May to the 5th of August. The tradition began way back in 1687 to celebrate & commemorate the arrival of the sugar cane season and the harvesting of the crop.

With the Crop Over season will come endless parties for party goers to enjoy everyday and every night of every week. The parties will be in the form of band launches, kadooment parties, cruises & various event promotions.

Grand Kadooment Day or as it’s locally known “Jump-up Day” celebrates the end of Crop Over. This is the day Masquerade Bands make their way to Spring Garden Highway from the National Stadium with revellers dressed in sequin costumes decorated with colourful feathers, jewels and bright accents. Visitors and locals alike band together to engage in jumping behind music trucks, drinking, singing & “wukking up.” The finale of Crop Over's events makes this the island's most exciting day of the year. As you will hear Bajans say: "Crop Over sweet fuh days!" So if you plan on being in Barbados for 2019 be sure not to miss the greatest party on earth.

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Our Crop Over Packages

With Bajan in Motion you will be able to experience our Crop Over Festival in the fullest way possible. All you'd have to do is book your flight and use one of our packages. We will provide you with accommodation, transportation, food and access to any party of your choice happening for the season.

If you're jumping in a Band then we will also take care of having your costume ordered and ready for you on Grand Kadooment. Once you book your trip with us the only thing you should have to worry about is how hard you’re gonna party!!

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