Think Twice!

Rupee is one of those Bajan artists that has a strong nostalgic hold on those of us who grew up in the ’80s & ’90s. Most of us Bajans of a certain age can certainly remember all the classic hits like “If I Can’t Have You”, “Helpless,” I” Am A Bajan” and “What Happens In De Party.” There was once a time for us when Crop Over didn’t really feel like Crop Over until we heard the likes of Rupee. And 2019 seems to be the year he has decided to remind us of that…


All of those songs mentioned above have one thing in common apart from Mr Rupert Clarke. They are all Chris Allman produced mega-hits; we assume it’s more than safe to say these two work very well together. If we ever get the chance to have a sit down with Rupee & Chris we’ll be sure to ask why producers and artists who work so well together find the audacity to drift apart.


But nonetheless… With this brand new track, the duo is back together again and we’re absolutely here for it. What they have served up really sounds like a classic summer banger! The song features smooth deep bass, melodic leads, addictively pulsating drums & a super infectious hook is the recipe for a dance-floor staple.

The track was written by Rupee, with added background pleasure spikes from the sultry Indra Rudder, the musical contagiousness of “Think Twice” is subtlety reinforced with additional keys, percussion and bass from fire fisted Barry “Barman” Hill with Dread Hawk Productions. All of these elements are immaculately brought together and mixed by the legendary ear of Anthony Lowhar from CMI right here in Barbados. "Think Twice” is definitely one of those tunes you only have to listen once to be hooked so be wary of endless replays.