Ensuring Your Dreams of Barbados Come True



Barbados is most definitely the best island in the Caribbean, but not for the reasons you might typically think when thinking of an exotic tropical island nation. We may not have many tall mountains, captivating volcanoes, wondrous jungles, rare animals, thundering waterfalls or mile long rivers. So if you’re looking for a Caribbean island similar to the one King Kong ruled over, Bim may not be for you.  



But if you seek an island that’s a bit more welcoming… well that just happens to be our specialty!! What we do have in abundance are the most beautiful beaches, luminous rays of sunshine & the most wonderful people “bout de place” (Bajan for anywhere). Although we do have one on the island, your favourite pictures from Barbados won't be of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but most likely of you & your peoples having a grand ole time. If you live for experiences & creating memories, then Barbados is where you wanna be! 



The absolute best time you can have in Barbados is mingling with the locals doing what we do. Here at ‘Bajan in Motion’ we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the most unforgettable, worry free & personalised experience whenever you visit our beautiful little island in the sun. We believe it’s possible to come here & have the time of your life even if you’re not a millionaire.


Pirates Cove


With 'Bajan in Motion' you can seamlessly experience our wide variety of beaches. Go from sun bathing & chilling the in sands on the South Coast to...


The Soup Bowl


Working up a sweat while getting your adrenaline pumping, & riding some exhilarating waves on the East Coast in literally a matter of minutes.