We're All About You!


Our all-inclusive travel package is so all-inclusive that it's the only travel package we offer. It covers 2 persons, with the cost of every 3rd person being an additional $80 USD & children under 16 are free! Pricing will vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose*. All the perks included with our travel package will be available to you every single day of your trip. The prices quoted below is for a typical 4 star property & it includes but is certainly not limited to: 

  • Airport Pickup

  • Hotel / Villa Accommodation

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Transportation

  • Full Length / Bespoke Island Tour

($350 USD per night / $2,000 USD for 6 nights)*

for 2 persons / children under 16 free


We’ve opted not to follow the perpetual industry trend in creating 100 different travel packages for you to pick from. Although that’s nice, we believe it’s better to simply include everything you need to be able to do whatever you want. Our travel package will come coupled with us & our services, this means you just have to tell us where you want to go on the island, what you want to do there & we’ll make it happen. When coming to Barbados all you have to do is book your flight & we'll take care of everything else.