St. Nicolas Abbey 


Our little island of Barbados truly has something for everyone. St. Nicholas Abbey is a meticulously preserved plantation that gives you a taste of what the island was like 350 years ago. It's acutely unique for the fact that it does this with it's entire landscape, buildings, machinery & sugar mil that, to this day, is still in operation making rum!


St. Nicholas Abbey was built in 1685 by Colonel Benjamin Berringer. It's one of the islands' oldest surviving plantations & definitely the most untouched. With all it's original boundaries still intact, the plantation encompasses over 400 acres of rolling sugar cane fields, tropical gullies, mahogany forests & formal gardens. Set amongst towering cabbage palms is the plantations great house, it's a Jacobean mansion featuring elegant curvilinear tables & ornamental detail.


This mansion is the centrepiece of the entire plantation & with good reason since it's one of only three remaining Jacobean mansions in the entire Western Hemisphere. The second also happens to be located in Barbados (Drax Hall,) while the third one can be found in West Virginia USA. So if you're interested in or have an affinity with 17th Century style, then Barbados & Bajan in Motion will let you see twice as much & with a more tropical presentation.