It's Bikini Season!

Although one can argue that it’s pretty much always bikini season in this here hot & sunny island nation. Summer has just officially started, so let’s get bikini clad and be ready to tackle summer 19!!


Summer 2019 officially commenced last week on the 1st of June. Unlike every other season, one doesn’t need a calendar to tell that summer has arrived. The instant spike in mosquitoes buzzing & the sun pelting us extrasolar waves is always a clear indication summertime is here. But this season doesn’t only bring winged miniature vampires and buckets of sweat along. This time of year also brings with it vacation time (for the smart ones), Crop Over vibes, parties every night & beach days pun top ah beach days!!


To celebrate this we’ve curated a list of the latest bikini trends to help you in locating that perfect piece… or pieces to shut down your IG with this summer. Leading the way in bikini trends for 2019 seems to be the color yellow & tie-dye patterns. No surprise at the latter as we did an entire feature on the matter. The tie-dye option is certainly the more unique and it will work perfectly with any skin tone or body shape. However, we think yellow has always been a very underrated colour. If you have a darker complexion then a bright yellow number is sure to have your melanin poppin’!


If you feel like tie-dye and yellow may be too bright for your taste, then you can always go with leopard/animal print. This forever-classic style is always relevant due to some peculiar reason. The trend officially popped up in the 80’s and it’s been going strong every summer in every country on the planet. Leopard print on anything is always a good idea.


The introduction of high-cut bikinis a few years ago saw the trend take off like bat out of hell. The intricate design of these pieces is tailor-made to elongate & lengthen the legs of all ladies who dare wear them. The look works well with any body type or height. You can couple the high-cut bottoms with a wide waistband top to really accentuate the look to your waist, stomach, and legs.


Embrace the rise of metallic textures. This fashion trend originated in Europe sometime around late 2017 and been slowly gaining more and more traction ever since. It’s made its way into the world of bikinis and let us just say that we’re more than here for it. Bikini pieces with this look can be had in pretty much any style you want. The best part about it is that it is sure to look great whether you have a t-back styled bikini or a long-sleeved sun-protection piece. To put it simply when you dawn one of these suits you’ll shine like the star you are!!